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/020 coffee - limited edition

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The /020 is a limited edition collaboration between us and the Rotterdam-based roastery, A Matter of Concrete.

A.M.O.C. is all about thinking for the future in sustainability and innovation, while focusing on the quality of location, both in the origin of their coffees and the heritage of their roastery location. This care and attention to detail is expressed in their delicious coffees.

The /020 is a Gesha microlot from Colombian-based producer Cristian Reyes, whose family has been involved in the agricultural business for many generations. This particular hand-picked Gesha is grown on the El Rodeo farm based in Curiti, Sananter, Colombia, at 2100 MASL. After picking, the selection is done by using the ‘floating method’ after which the cherries are pulped and fermented in tanks of fresh spring water for 24 hours. After fermentation, the parchment is dried and hulled. You'll find that this coffee is beautifully delicate, and has pronounced floral notes and tones of red fruit such as cherry and berries. It’s exactly what you’d expect of a Gesha.