Specialty coffee & conceptstore in Amsterdam-South.

Owners Adil Loukane and Rosa Loukane started with a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in a fashion store in Zuid. When the store closed its doors, Adil and Rosa seized the opportunity and decided to open their own coffee bar. The last couple of years, they both became fans of speciality coffee and they now like to pass on their love for coffee to their customers.

Visit us for a delicious speciality coffee to go or sit in one of our windowsills to enjoy your coffee, made with coffee beans from Lot Sixty One. We offer sweets like our already well-known cinnamon buns and bananabread. Besides the coffee and sweets, you can find here speciality coffee products like the MOCCAMASTER coffee brewer, slow coffee brewers from KINTO and ofcourse coffee to go mugs.

We also offer (filter) coffee courses. For more information, come by or send us an e-mail: